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We are creating a resource center to cultivate the next wave of Fashion Designers and help them develop and manufacture their apparel products. Our company offers a wide array of services from pattern-making, sewing, and fabric resources to costing, tech packs, sourcing, production management, and consulting.

With Assemble Lab designers have the freedom to choose à la carte from our menu of services to help their business grow. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with designers both large and small, more established brands benefit from our services by reworking costing and sourcing to take their brands to the next level. While emerging designers build upon our years of production experience to get their businesses off the ground.

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Apparel production is undergoing a major shift as consumers become more mindful of where their clothing is being produced. Made in the USA. is a sought after marketing point because it signals not only quality merchandise but also sustainable economic value through job creation in America. Made in the USA is important to us as we seek to impact our community in a positive way. 

Massachusetts was once the hub of the textile industry and synonymous with unquestionable quality. By locating ourselves in Merrimack Valley, an area which is well positioned to recapture that legacy, we’ve put ourselves in the center of this emerging cultural landscape. This area has long been at the forefront of apparel production with a great number of innovations in both sustainable and ethical practices.

There is a strong effort in Massachusetts to grow local manufacturing and we hope to be contributors and impetus to this growth. Through this movement we’ve created an atelier with talented and experienced staff. We can develop a wide range of samples and accommodate even the smallest production runs. We also have strong ties with factories across the country, from Boston and New York to Los Angeles which gives our designers flexibility in both production and timing. 

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A small sampling of pieces we have produced from pattern making to production.

Photos: Emerson Fry


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